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About Us

Welcome to the Official Web site of the Ancient , Free and Accepted Freemasons (Order) – Grand Lodge of Georgia.

The Grand Lodge of Georgia was regularly and duly consecrated on the East of the capital of Georgia (Republic) – Tbilisi, on 14th day of the first month of year 6015 (14 March, 2015), based on the petition of more than 21 Master Masons, which were belonging to the Worshipful Lodges : “Saint Queen Tamar”, “King David – The Builder” and “Giorgi V the Brilliant”. These lodges were duly consecrated in Year 2013 (Giorgi V the Brilliant – 2015) and were part of the Masonic District “Caucasus”, GLR. The Consecration ceremony was performed by the Grand Master of GL of Russia and was witnessed by the representatives of various jurisdictions. After decades, and for the first time in history, Georgian Freemasonry had its own Masonic jurisdiction and autonomy in its native land.

The Grand Lodge of Georgia is only regular, sovereign , duly and rightfully consecrated Masonic entity – Grand Lodge on the whole territory of Georgia, which operates in all three blue degrees and is apart from all other Masonic additional degrees.

The Grand Lodge of Georgia today (last updated 10.05.2016) consists from six Worshipful Lodges and more than 55 brethren.

The Worshipful Lodges in Georgia :

  1. WL “Saint Queen Tamar” #1 , Orient of Tbilisi (AAS Ritual)
  2. WL “King David the Builder” #2 , Orient of Tbilisi (AAS Ritual)
  3. WL “Giorgi V Brilliant” #3, Orient of Tbilisi (AAS Ritual)
  4. WL “Ioane Petritsi” #4, Orient of Tbilisi (English Speaking Lodge, Emulation Ritual)
  5. WL “Grigol I Bagrationi” #5 , Orient of Rustavi (AAS Ritual)
  6. WL “Eastern Star” #6, Travelling Lodge (English Speaking Lodge, AAS Ritual)

Grand Lodge of Georgia is planning to consecrate Worshipful Lodges in the cities of Kutaisi, Zugdidi and Batumi in nearest future. Grand Lodge of Georgia is officially and legally registered entity in the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.


For further information please contact our Grand Chancellery –

History of Freemasonry in Georgia

The Grand Lodge of Georgia is also enjoying and attracting the participation of affiliated Masons living all over the world, placing us in a unique position in contributing to Universal Brotherhood in our international relations. The earliest recorded reference to Georgian Freemasonry is leading us to the early 19th century, 1816.  Today is a time of celebration, a time to reflect on our past heritage, concentrate on our present and work toward a bright future. May the blessing of the Great Architect of The Universe be upon you in all times.


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